Care & Maintenance

Taking care of your wetsuit and triathlon equipment is critical.  We can help you out two ways.  Let's find out!

We offer a good selection of care and maintenance products for the Do-It-Yourself enthusiast; Wetsuit shampoo, silicone lubricant, zipper care and that sort of things.  You can add any of these to your wetsuit purchase, or re-stock whenever you need it.

If you're not the hands-on type, we can fix and care for your wetsuit.  You can send your wetsuit to our Service Center for evaluation and repair.  We also offer a Wetsuit Complete Service - see just below.


Wetsuit Complete Service

The ideal treatment to be done once a year.  We'll wash and disinfect your wetsuit, reinforce the inside patches (if necessary), repair outside holes, clean and lubricate the zipper and apply a protective silicone coating on the outside.  Ask for more details.


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